Established in 2009 Gisbir Hospital has a long track record of treating international patients with high success rates, across all fields of medical specialization at the Hospital

Gisbir Hospital has dedicated “International Services Department”, specifically dedicated to providing international patients with a comprehensive service covering every aspect of their visit, from travel and transfers through to accommodation and leisure activities, as well as coordinating their medical program of treatment and surgery with the patient and their family, with a team of trained interpreters and translators.
covering your needs from the beginning of your trip until your return to home.

Each quote details what is included. Please feel free to clarify, if you have any question on the quote, once received.

Yes, it is possible. This will again depend on case by case basis. This may be more cost beneficial.

Any drugs prescribed following the patient's discharge from the Hospital Any care or service relating to any complications arising, which is not related to the patient's treatment (additional costs will be charged to the patient in accordance with the Hospital’s standard charges prevailing at the time.)

Any service or care relating to major complications arising during the patient's operation, which necessitates the patient's transfer into an Internal or External Specialized Intensive Care Unit. Additional costs relating to such a major complication treatment will be charged to the patient in accordance with the standard charges prevailing at the time.

Any in-patient stay extension in the hospital with regard to the initial length of hospitalization, decided for medical reasons between the patient and the surgeon. (In such an event, costs relating to the in-patient stay extension will be charged to the patient and paid by the patient immediately to the hospital.)

Yes Gisbir Hospital International Services Department can make arrangements for you and / or any accompanying people.

Simply contact Gisbir Hospital International Services Department, who will discuss your case and needs and get a good idea of your needs.

Based on your information, we provide you a free cost estimate with details of medical facilities & physicians. We don’t mark up the medical or travel related expenses. Our service costs you nothing. On the contrary, you save due to the special rates that we can arrange.

Gisbir Hospital International Services Department will take care of all details relating to your visit and successful return & recovery.

The exact requirements depend on your country of origin. In general, entry into Turkey is easy and a certain number of days is permitted according to nationality. We can help you with visa extensions if required.

We have a strategic partnership and affiliations with leading global institutions, and you may get further information about our services and facilities from other pages on this website.

Gisbir Hospital ensures that there will be an interpreter speaking your language, as well as English, arabic, kurdish, russian, german, roman and turkmen speaking experts, available during your treatment.

Yes, we provide you the doctor's professional credentials.

You are not required to tell your doctor at home. However, we recommend that you discuss your thoughts about having a medical procedure abroad with your general practitioner. We can facilitate correspondence between your doctor and the relevant physician at one of our partner facilities, if you wish.

Family members or companions can travel with you.

Leave it to Gisbir Hospital International Services Department. Choosing accommodation suitable to your budget and comfort, and close to the hospital, is confusing without local knowledge. Before you leave, we work with you to make sure you are confirmed in an accommodation of your choice & liking.

Gisbir Hospital International Services Department arranges all transport from your airport of arrival to your hotel and hospital, and return transport.

Follow-up, if needed, can be done by a doctor of your liking in your home country. Gisbir Hospital International Services Department can coordinate with your doctor to ensure this goes smoothly.


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